Forever21 put my art on a shirt without my knowledge. So sad.








Signal Boost Needed.

The art work above belongs to moosekleenex, and has been stolen by Forvever21. I have an important favor to ask of my followers, please help reblog and get the word out. Theft of an artist or designer’s work goes on all too often and for large corporations like Forever21 to blatantly steal others work sets a more widely recognized example that theft of this kind is acceptable.  

And just in case you feel you need it, here is Forever21’s corporate contact info:

(213) 741-5100

(extension #2 will take you to the Design and Buying department)

Or contact them through their website.

damn shun, sig boost

This is bullshit. 

Whaaaaaaat the fuck

fuck you then, forever 21. not like i shop there anyway, but. 

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